Sample & Imperfect Sale

Sample Sale
We make various sample for our sales team, wholesale customers and manufacturers. These samples have been minimally handled and are offered at a deep discount!
We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact. By offering slightly damaged items at a reduced price, we extended the lifespan of our products and prevented them from ending up in a landfill. It’s a small step towards a greener future.


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Sample Sale - Breezy Long Sleeve TSample Sale - Breezy Long Sleeve T
Sample Sale - Baseline Criss Cross SkortSample Sale - Baseline Criss Cross Skort
Sample Sale - Contrast Trim RacerbackSample Sale - Contrast Trim Racerback
Sample Sale - Baseline V-NeckSample Sale - Baseline V-Neck
Sample Sale - Baseline Flutter SkortSample Sale - Baseline Flutter Skort
Sample Sale - Baseline Pocket RacerbackSample Sale - Baseline Pocket Racerback
Sample Sale - Baseline V-Neck Rib TankSample Sale - Baseline V-Neck Rib Tank
Sample Sale - Baseline Rib Hem SkortSample Sale - Baseline Rib Hem Skort
Sample Sale - Baseline Chevron TankSample Sale - Baseline Chevron Tank
Sample Sale - Baseline Chevron SkortSample Sale - Baseline Chevron Skort
Sample Sale - Baseline Cross Court SkortSample Sale - Baseline Cross Court Skort
Sample Sale - Baseline Polo DressSample Sale - Baseline Polo Dress
Sample Sale - Baseline Warm Up JacketSample Sale - Baseline Warm Up Jacket
Sample Sale - Back Stripe Long Sleeve TSample Sale - Back Stripe Long Sleeve T
Sample Sale - L'P Ball ShortsSample Sale - L'P Ball Shorts
Sample Sale -L'P  Sleeveless Ruffle PoloSample Sale -L'P  Sleeveless Ruffle Polo
Sample Sale - Live Playfully T-ShirtSample Sale - Live Playfully T-Shirt
Sample Sale - Seersucker Side Pleated SkortSample Sale - Seersucker Side Pleated Skort
Sample Sale - Seersucker Binding SkortSample Sale - Seersucker Binding Skort
Sample Sale  - Detachable Collar PoloSample Sale  - Detachable Collar Polo
Sample Sale - Baseline Ruched SkortSample Sale - Baseline Ruched Skort
Sample Sale - Baseline SkeggingsSample Sale - Baseline Skeggings
Sample Sale - Panel TankSample Sale - Panel Tank
Sale price$20.00
Sample Sale - Panel SkortSample Sale - Panel Skort
Sale price$25.00