13 Tennis Skirts That Are Sporty And Stylish At The Same Time

13 Tennis Skirts That Are Sporty And Stylish At The Same Time

by Michelle Sparks

August 7, 2020 | Updated April 1, 2021

Women’s tennis skirts are the trendy wardrobe bottoms you didn’t know you needed — until now. Athleisure—oh, how we love you. Never before has it been so fashionable to look like you just came from the gym without having, you know, actually gone to the gymBike shorts? We love ’em. Leggings? We got ’em. Sweat suits? We wear ’em. Basically, if it has an elastic waistband, requires zero effort, and somehow makes us look like a yoga-practicing, Barre-doing goddess, we’ll take it … and we’ll take a second one with pockets, please.

Why do female tennis players wear skirts?

According to professional fashion stylist, competitive tennis player, and fellow Mama, Soneca Guadara, female tennis players wear skirts for comfort and to make their mark in the male-dominated sports world. “[Tennis skirts are] comfortable and with the Spandex underneath, it allows for full range of motion,” she says.

The amount of options to set yourself apart on the court is endless (I mean, just check out the 13 choices below). “Today, women have an array of color choices and styles to pick from…” Guadara adds. “They are fun, flirty, and feminine! Given that sports are typically male-dominated, it’s nice to see some feminity on the court.”

That’s why we’re so thrilled that tennis skirts are having a moment right now. With sweat-wicking fabric, flirty hems (combined with full-coverage shorts underneath of course), and preppy pleats for days, they’re exactly what we want to be wearing around the clock, 24/7. Whether you’re running errands or lounging on the couch watching Disney characters and 90s cartoons with your kids, there are plenty of options out there for every mood. From Lululemon to Outdoor Voices to Nike, these are the best tennis skirts you can buy right now—no serving (or sweating) required.

Best Tennis Skirts For Women